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martin berkeley

Permanently setting DATEFIRST for the UK

SQL Server’s DATEFIRST setting applies only to the current statement and cannot by set globally on a server.  It also cannot be used in user defined functions (more…)

Blogging Rower on the Silver Screen

Olly Hicks survived his Virgin Global Row attempt to row solo around the bottom of the world and has just had a film made about it (more…)

Sheep on the Run

Sheep On The RunThis week’s Shepton Mallet Digital Arts Festival was the perfect opportunity to launch http://runreplay.com, my GPS tracking web app for runners that has been on trial for a few months now.

Run Replay is a web app that allows runners to upload their running data (more…)

SMS Driven Web Results

Mobile Updates I have just finished building an sms driven results service for the Uphill to Wells Relay which sets off from the beach at Uphill, this Saturday. Runners will send their finish time at the end of each of six legs to a central number which will update the event results page and generate progress updates. (more…)

Blog as you Row

After many weeks of hectic preparation, Olly Hicks has finally set off on his Virgin Global Row, a daring attempt to be the first to row solo around the bottom of the globe. Having already proved his credibility with a transatlantic crossing under his belt, he has managed to attract an impressive list of supporters for this latest escapade.

My small role in the project was to create the embedded Google Maps tracking display for his website (more…)

SQL Server Distance Calculation

Having been asked a number of times how to calculate the distance between a pair of co-ordinates in SQL Server I have finally got round to posting the function used by www.oceanracetrack.com in various places.

The function takes a Lat/Long start point and Lat/Long end point and returns the distance between them in nautical miles. (more…)

Tracking the Fastnet

Fastnet 2007 TrackingMy brief was to create the first live web tracking for the Rolex Fastnet Race. The classic ocean yacht race from Cowes to Plymouth via the Fastnet rock off south-west Ireland.

Working with OC Vision the main challenge was to manage the large volume of data created by 300 boats sending position reports every 30 minutes for five days. (more…)